Before After “The client likes the pears but she wants the middle pear to be in focus...
Is it doable?”
Before After “Please edit the bottle as usual - dust, geometry, liquid level, gold on the label, etc.
Blue should be bright and match the previous bottles.”
Before After “We had an issue on shooting - meat was overcooked :(
Can you make it medium rare or medium at least?
Make the image a bit cleaner, especially the glass.”
Before After “Red is flat, can you add more details to the strawberry?
Please convert to CMYK and check.
Also is it possible to fix the composition a bit?
And the cake - it has too many imperfections…”
Before After “Make it nicer overall...
Ice is too white, wood surface needs to be cleaner... will see what you can do…”
Before After “Please fix all those holes and cracks, thanks!” Before After “It's not in season so we found only this green squash.
Can you make it an orange pumpkin instead?”
about + contact We are a group of digital producers and retouchers specializing in editing of photo images of food and drinks. We are based in the center of Eastern Europe, in Minsk, Belarus. The samples presented above will serve best to describe what we do and how we do it. If you like them, you are welcome to contact us at We also create hyper-realistic food illustrations from scratch. Please visit the AMFI studio website to see the portfolio.